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Vibrance Cosmetics

Complete Vibrance Brush Set

The Complete Vibrance Makeup Brush Eyeshadow Brush Set


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The Complete Vibrance Brush Set

This stunning collection of 12 professional eye brushes is the quintessential ingredient to complete your fabulous new look. This high-quality set has everything you need to make the sparkle in your eyes shine for the world to see.

Our soft, silky, bristles will gently glide over your delicate eye areas, making eyeshadow and liner application a breeze.


01# Mini Powder Brush (nylon bristles)
Contour Cheeks. Buff and blend contour shades under cheekbones and jawline for a chiseled look.

02# Mini Foundation Brush (nylon bristles)
Seamlessly blend your foundation with this soft and smooth brush

03# Large Concealer Brush (nylon bristles)
Cover up those dark circles, redness or any discolorations around the eye easily and seamlessly for a strong foundation to build on.
Our secret tip: It’s much easier to apply concealers with a brush, rather than with your fingertip. Since fingers are naturally warm and moist they can change the texture of the formula, so it won’t adhere as well to the skin.

04# Large Eye Shadow Brush (nylon bristles)
The perfect way to blend eyeshadow into the creases of the eye and across the brow bone

05# Medium Concealer Brush (nylon bristles)
For a more delicate approach to covering dark circles and blemishes around the eye, this brush will make it quick and easy.

06# Mini Eye Shadow Brush (nylon bristles)
These bristles are more flexible and are used with powder or Creamy products to flawlessly add highlights and definition to your eyelids for a foolproof way to blend colors easily.

07# Medium Eye Shadow Brush (nylon bristles)
Soft application of color is guaranteed with this brush as it was specifically designed with your needs in mind. Brow highlighting has never been easier than with this brush. Need to blend that crease, no worries we've got you covered as you create those sultry shadows in those corners.

08# Mini Concealer Brush (nylon bristles)
Conceal the hardest to reach areas around the nose and eyes with this soft tip brush. We won't tell anyone we promise.

09# Eyebrow Brush (nylon bristles)
What's the secret to achieving the best eyebrow shape?
Having the perfect brush... Whether you're at home or on the go you can use this brush with gel cream or powder liners. Use with powder to create that bushy look, full brow OR use with a cream-based product for well defined clean looking brows. You can't live without this one!

10# Bevel Brow Brush (nylon bristles)
This versatile little brush allows blending of your eyeshadow or eye pencil and redrawing the eyebrow line with ease and simplicity.

11# Lip Brush (nylon bristles)
This brush offers more precise coverage and longer-lasting wear. The bristles are comfortable to the touch but have the density to apply lipsticks and glosses as well as to soften the contour lines of redrawn lips. Its fine cut allows: tracing the lip contour very precisely with the point of the brush and filling the area inside the contour with the broad side of the brush which helps add a velvety look to your lips

12# Eyeliner Brush (nylon bristles)
This fine-tipped brush delivers a precise, firm stroke regardless if you are using a gel based or liquid liner. Use to define your lash line perfectly and precisely every single time.

Special Care Instructions:
Although we ensure our bristles are manufactured to the highest and strictest standards without sacrificing the comfortability to the touch, we do recommend washing them gently in a baby shampoo prior to their initial use.
To help ensure and maintain the life of the bristles we also recommend subsequently following a cleaning routine after each use. This will help both maintain the bristles and ensure that your make up application will continue to be easy and effective.