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About Us

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Our Mission is to let each and every one of our customers just feel beautiful. It was the thoughts of an adventurous entrepreneur and a team of people that felt trapped working for others without the ability to express themselves.  It was born from the passion that each and every beautiful person has inside but they just keep trying to hide away from the world's judgment. That is what brought Vibrance Cosmetics to life 

Our ownership isn't just an individual, but rather an entire TEAM.  A team that inspires each other, a team that empowers each other, a team that supports and praises each other, all individuals but together striving towards the common goal that makes us VIBRANCE COSMETICS.

Vibrance and the "About Us" statement isn't really about us, but rather it's about you, our customer.  It's about you; our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, and our partners.  It's about all those who wish to be empowered and that rise above the way the world sees us, to be looked upon by the way we feel inside.  BEAUTIFUL.

You always were a part of our family and were always on our minds when we created one of the highest quality and most affordable makeup brands on the market.  

Thank you for being our inspiration and for being so Vibrant.

Love From All Of Us 
Vibrance Cosmetics